Amazon hiring for over 1,000 jobs in Seattle and some pay over $100K

May 18 2022, 11:32 pm

Amazon has been rapidly expanding its operations over the past few years, and, according to its jobs page, the company is looking for a lot of help in Seattle.

The multinational technology company — known for its digital marketplace and video streaming services — is hiring for over 1,000 positions in Seattle, with many of the jobs related to software development or software engineering.

Amazon is also looking for people persons as it’s currently recruiting positions in human resources.

If you’ve got the experience or education for it, some of these jobs pay a ton of money, and the majority are full-time permanent roles.

According to and other websites that analyze salaries from different organizations, the base salary for some of the positions related to software development — at Amazon specifically — is around USD$166,000.

In addition, the company is seeking some Seattle talent for product management and business intelligence roles. Some positions are remote roles and won’t require the candidate to head into an office.

There are also a variety of jobs in Seattle in marketing, Amazon design, sales, marketing, customer service, communications, and public relations.

Click here for the complete list of positions at Amazon.

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