Seattle's first cashierless Amazon Go Grocery is now open

Feb 25 2020, 6:24 pm

With the launch of 25 Amazon Go stores over the past three years, we Seattlites are pretty used to the idea of walk-in, grab, and go.

Thanks to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017, we can now enjoy the same cashier-less luxury while shopping for our weekly groceries at Amazon Go Grocery.

Located at 610 E Pike Street, the 10,400 sq. ft. store promises to have everything that your typical Whole Foods would have: local baked goods, ready-made meals, household essentials, and of course, fresh, seasonal produce.

Amazon Go Grocery requires all customers to have the Amazon Go app.

Upon walking in, open the app and hold your phone on the gate’s scanner. The doors should open, letting you walk into the store. Then, take what you want off the shelves — the app will track what you pick up, put back, and drop into your cart. Once your cart is full, that’s it.

Enjoy walking back out onto the Seattle streets without having spoken to a single soul or wait in any lines.

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