Alabama retailer that sells lost luggage opens new online store (VIDEO)

Jun 24 2020, 10:39 am

The Unclaimed Baggage Center, a 40,000-sqft warehouse in Alabama, is taking its already thriving lost luggage business and transporting it into the digital era with a new online retail store.

The concept surrounding the facility is that, if no one claims a lost bag after 90 days, US airlines are permitted to sell it to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. There, the contents of the luggage are categorized, sorted, and priced.


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We know what you’re thinking: “Why would I want someone else’s dirty laundry?”

Don’t worry. All clothing is washed and dry-cleaned in the warehouse’s in-house laundry facility, which doubles as the largest laundering facility in all of Alabama.

If contents include more expensive items such as jewelry, it is polished and then appraised. As well, all electronic items are tested before being wiped of all personal information.

Long story short, if you can fit it in a bag, you will likely be found at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. It’s like a 40,000-sqft thrift store.

Now, bargain hunters can partake in the wondrous joy of shopping without having to venture out to purchase items in person.

It’s an introvert’s dream.

“This online store is a continuation of a dream our founder, Doyle Owens, had fifty years ago in 1970: to give lost and unclaimed luggage a second life,” a post on the Unclaimed Baggage Center’s blog explains. “Today, we bring his Unclaimed Baggage vision to a new audience, one broader and farther-reaching than he ever dreamed of.”

Customers can easily navigate the online store to search for specific categories, including apparel, shoes, musical instruments, and sporting goods as well as featured “New Arrivals” and “Luxe Finds” for higher-end items, such as a 14-karat diamond tennis bracelet listed for $13,850.99.

Those seeking unique, eclectic items will be delighted to learn of the “Unusual Finds” section. This category hosts a variety of weird and wonderful things, such as a pair of Bavarian Lederhosen leather shorts as well as anti-radiation boxers.


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The options on the online store will remain limited for now with a select number of items for customers to digitally peruse. However, don’t fret. New stock will be posted frequently, and the variety of items will be modified in response to customer feedback.

“Our hope is to give all customers, near and far, the chance to make great finds from the comfort of their home,” the post continues. “Whether it’s an iPad, an heirloom watch or the perfect pair of jeans, we have something just for you. That’s the unique fun of the Unclaimed Baggage shopping experience: you never know what you’ll find.’

International shipping is not available at this time.

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