Wuhan reports discharging all coronavirus patients

Apr 28 2020, 5:00 pm

Wuhan, China, reports discharging all COVID-19 patients.

In an official announcement posted on the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China website, it is stated that about 60% of all imported infected patients had been discharged from the hospital as of Saturday, April 25.

“Imported patients” refers to contaminations that were not locally transmitted.

Among those cases, the “proportion of severe patients” decreased by 53.2% compared to a week ago.

The post continues that, as of April 26, all coronavirus patients have been discharged.

“Health authorities in the city will continue to guard against any rebound of the epidemic and closely monitor possible imported cases,” Mi Feng, spokesperson for the National Health Commission, said in the post. “At the same time, medical institutions in Wuhan will switch back to their normal work status to meet the medical needs of the public.”

In a daily briefing published on Monday, the Hubei province had reported 68,128 confirmed known cases of coronavirus, including 50,333 in Wuhan. It also reported 4,512 deaths, 3,869 of which were in Wuhan.

However, no new cases of confirmed coronavirus infections were reported, as well as no new cases of suspected infections and no deaths. The brief adds that 12 patients (all in Wuhan) were discharged from the hospital after being cured.

In total, 63,616 patients have been cured and discharged from hospital, the briefing states, including 46,464 in Wuhan.

Chinese authorities announced at the end of March that lockdown restrictions for the Hubei province would be gradually lifted with the exception of Wuhan, which would be reopened on April 8.

Since then, Wuhan has resumed operation of nearly 100 passenger trains, has begun lifting outbound travel restrictions, and has started to gradually return to a state of normalcy.

According to Johns Hopkins University, China’s case numbers have dropped significantly, with 83,912 known confirmed cases as of April 27 and 4,637 deaths.

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