Get a free International Women's Day tattoo at this Portland start-up

Mar 2 2020, 12:01 pm

This March, one local start-up will mark International Women’s Day and Womxns History Month with a by giving away free and permanent tattoos.

For many years, Wildfang has been a Portland standard. Celebrating both power in the female body, spirit, and soul, as well as remaining unconfined by gender norms in the fashion world, they have since grown so popular that they have opened up a shop in Los Angeles and New York.

Created in 2013, Wildfang props up fashion and lifestyle of womxn — an alternative term for the word women which has been used since 2015 to include transgender women — all over the world, and has reached legendary status since then.

Offering up a mountain of feminist frequency apparel and accessories at their brick and mortar stores, as well as having a fantastic online shop, Wildfang gear has spread across the globe in a big badass way.


In conjunction with International Women’s Day and Womxns History Month, Wildfang in Portland will be hosting a special two-day event in which patrons can swing by their shop and get a wild feminism inspired tattoo.

Folks visiting for tattoos will be able to shop their collection — including their wildly popular Power Suits and Wildfang Coveralls — and enter to win free stuff from Wildfang.

Join the Wildfang family and get inked-up to support wild feminism. Just be sure to be there early as you can, it’s a first come, first served event, and no one is guaranteed a tattoo.


Wildfang Tattoo Event

Date: March 7 and 8, 2020
When: 11 am to 7 pm
Where: Wildfang PDX — 404 SW 10th Avenue, Portland