Chilly weather is coming to Portland this weekend

Oct 21 2020, 1:10 pm

We’re expected to get some pretty chilly weather this weekend in Portland.

As members of the wonderful Pacific Northwest, we don’t always have to deal with the worst of what the Winter season can bring to other places.

Last year, Portland only saw a single day in October with a temperature in the 40°F range, and it was on October 29. This year, we’re going to be seeing nearly a full week of 40°F weather, a week earlier.

Kicking off this Friday, when rain and some cold temps will see the region drop into the 40s, we aren’t expected to see a return to 50°F weather until the following Wednesday.

According to 2019 weather reports, the Portland region didn’t begin seeing steady dips into the 40s until the first week of December 2019, which means we might be in for a bitter and chilly holiday season, kicking things off more than a month earlier than the previous season.

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