What to drink in Portland today: The True Mexican at La Perlita

Oct 20 2020, 11:00 pm

Many coffee shops and bean roasters around the world have tried to adopt a truly beloved Mexican favorite, the mocha.

Luckily for those in PDX, La Perlita is not emulating the tried-and-true traditional twist on the coffee, they are practicing what they preach in order to bring you the True Mexican.

Every time I walked into a cafe that had this on their menu I asked ‘What makes it Mexican?’ And often the response was, ‘we sprinkle cayenne/cinnamon on top,'” writes La Perlita founder Angel Medina on Instagram.

“If you were lucky they would dump a cinnamon stick on the side of the cup like a ribbon of authenticity. There was never any effort in creating a harmony between what you were drinking and what was floating on the top.”


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What to order

There’s no beating around the bush here (or the bean, in this case). We’re going to suggest that you head over to the Ecotrust Building in Downtown Portland, and order yourself one of the True Mexican coffees from La Perlita.


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There will always be a special place for authenticity, and Portlandians know this more than most. We’re a collective of purveyors in the art and celebration of heritage. The True Mexican at La Perlita is one of those instant transportation treats that grants you a portal to another place.

La Perlita PDX

Address: 721 NW 9th Avenue, Portland


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