What to eat in Portland today: Ate-Oh-Ate Hawaiian

Oct 17 2020, 12:04 am

In the thick of the autumn now, we’re going to be indulging in numerous adventures into stomach-warming cool-weather favorites, and it would be bonkers to not mention Ate-Oh-Ate on our list of musts.

We’re no stranger to a wild and wonderful splash in the exuberance that is brought upon our mouths by some amazing culinary establishments in Portland that offer up traditional and modern takes on Hawaiian food.

Portland has an awfully charming amount of wonderful options if you’re on the hunt for a tasty island treat, and we’ve adorned our front page with a few of our favorites so far. This means why not give Ate-Oh-Ate the time in the spotlight they deserve.


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Ordering from Ate-Oh-Ate is one of those rare situations in which everything on the menu is astounding. There is no hesitation in our saying that there isn’t a wrong choice to be made here.

These are the kinds of sweet crispy pork dishes, rice bowls, and sandwiches that will have you talking about this place to all of your friends

What to order

One of our favorite dishes at this little Portland gem is the Kalua Pig Sandwich. Not only are the potato buns here mouth-wateringly good, the slow-roasted, flavor mountain that is their kalua pork, is just wonderful.


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However, it is the Ate-Oh-Ate Curry Bowl with a portion of Katsu that is, by a large margin, one of our most beloved cold-weather tummy-warming meals in the entire region. Made with sweet potato, carrots, onions, and kale in Japanese curry sauce placed upon a heap of steamed rice.

Ate-Oh-Ate Hawaiian

Address: 2454 E Burnside Street, Portland
Phone: 503 445 6101


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