Washington State governor officially enacts shelter-in-place order

Mar 24 2020, 10:58 am

With 2,221 COVID-19 cases in Washington State as of March 23, Governor Jay Inslee has officially introduced a shelter-in-place, “stay home, stay healthy order.”

Much like similar practices taking place in California and New York, the shelter-in-place order asks residents to stay home as much as possible, limiting trips outside to only ones of necessity, such as buying groceries or visiting the doctor.

“It’s time to hunker down in order to win this fight,” Governer Inslee said in a state address.

“These measures are more to reduce social interactions, physical interactions, where this highly contagious virus can spread… Distancing ourselves is the only weapon we can use.”

The order will last for a minimum of two weeks, closing many businesses in the state.

The governor made it clear that the order does not mean you can’t go outside; however, all gatherings, including sleepovers, parties, basketball games, weddings, and funerals, must cease immediately.

Governor Inslee has high hopes that the virus will be defeated, and he reminds Washingtonians to stay home and refrain from panic-buying.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown continues to enact further restrictions on day-to-day life to stem the spread of the virus.

“None of us have ever been through this before, and that means there is no way to know exactly what lies ahead,” said Brown. “We don’t know yet when this outbreak will end, or what changes this will bring for our state and for our country. But I want to make sure that we’ve done all we can to end it as quickly as possible.”