Rock band performs concert to crowd covered entirely in plastic bubbles (VIDEO)

Oct 16 2020, 7:33 pm

An American rock band isn’t letting anyone burst their bubbles.

The Flaming Lips have added to the oddities of 2020 by perhaps paving the way for the future of live concerts.

The rock band performed a show at The CriterionĀ in Oklahoma City on October 12 whereĀ all band members and concertgoers were encased in individual plastic bubbles.

The set-up is part of the band’s new initiative to perform live music while adhering to physical distancing safety guidelines amid the pandemic.

Flaming Lips’ frontman, Wayne Coyne, had toyed with the bubble idea earlier on in the pandemic as the band performed Ć  la bubble onĀ The Tonight ShowĀ in July. After this week’s successful trial run, he posted “Yessss!!!” on his Instagram account, accompanied with a video that looks like it’s straight out of aĀ Black MirrorĀ episode.


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Fans were also instructed to wear face masks and practice physical distancing when outside of their bubbles.


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