Oregon Governor Kate Brown calls for an end to violence in Portland

Aug 25 2020, 2:26 pm

Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued a statement today that calls for an end to violence and vandalism in Portland.

On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump issued a statement on Twitter suggesting that Oregon’s governor and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler should be calling in the National Guard to suppress the protests demanding equity and social justice.

We again request Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon, and Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, to call up the National Guard like should have been done 3 months ago,” reads Trump’s tweet.

Governor Brown then took to Twitter.

Let me be clear: It’s time for the violence and vandalism to end so Portland can focus on the important work to be done to achieve real change for racial justice,” she continued. “Those who have committed acts of violence will be held accountable.

We must work together to deescalate the potential for confrontation, by continuing to foster community conversations and utilizing trained law enforcement officers to keep the peace and protect free speech, not soldiers.

It has been days since a violent clash between Black Lives Matter protesters and designated far-right organization the Proud Boys took place in Downtown Portland, which Brown hasn’t yet addressed.

City of Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty stated on social media on August 22 that groups like the Proud Boys are “not welcome in Portland.”

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