Oregon-based YouTube channels to watch for your outside fix (VIDEOS)

Mar 26 2020, 7:51 pm

We’re all nearing our limits with staying inside, so we’ve cobbled up a list of Oregon-based YouTube channels that will help you feel connected to our gorgeous state.

Perhaps regions without such a beautiful landscape feel differently; however, Portlandians like being outside, and it’s easy to see why.

From some pretty mandatory channels to which you should subscribe, to a few hidden gems, here are the best Oregon-based YouTube channels to watch in order to get your outside fix.

Travel Oregon

We have to shoutout the granddaddy of all the Oregon travel and outdoors channels. The tourism board of Oregon has and continues to do an absolutely substantial job of promoting the beauty that is our great state.

One of the best video series run on the Travel Oregon channel is the “Moments of Zen” collection of sights and sounds from around the state.

Hike Oregon

A personal vlog by a local hiking enthusiast, Hike Oregon contains international travel, notable Oregon hiking trips, and even hiking gear review. Though there aren’t that many videos up on their channel, each piece of local content will flood you with that outdoor nostalgia.

An Oregon Cottage

It may not be a travel-leaning channel, but the content creators at An Oregon Cottage provide some outdoor atmosphere and (far more importantly) some potentially life-blossoming tips and guidelines.

The gardening and sustainability guides on An Oregon Cottage could soon come in handy for far more Oregonians in the coming months.

Oregon Zoo

Yet another non-travel channel you should follow and binge, the Oregon Zoo provides plenty of outdoor scenery alongside their up-close-and-personal videos celebrating and introducing you to their amazing animals.

So, if you’re main focus in your outdoor adventures is the wildlife, this is the channel for you.

Matt Cook

Storyteller and proud Oregonian, Matt Cook takes us on countless trips in and around Oregon state. Cook has a knack for finding some off-beat paths and lovely spots for glorious scenery all over the place. Included in the storytelling and nature spotlights is some of our favorite cinematography.

Major bonus points for the Legend of Zelda sound effects.

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