5 Portland Twitch streamers to watch while social distancing

Mar 21 2020, 12:46 am

We are lucky enough to live in a state that has a supremely supportive network of artists, content creators, and crafters. This is why it’s so important that we continue to collectively appreciate them in any way that we can during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The most modern of content creators are Twitch Streamers — folks who play video games, cook, chat, and generally have fun. These seemingly on-call entertainers work extremely hard to provide their viewers, subscribers, and sometimes droves of fans with joy and laughter.

Amid sweeping quarantines to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we as Portlandians will surely continue to do as much for our homemade creators as ever before.

To make the treat even tastier, you can support local content creators all the while being entertained. So we whipped up this list of five must-watch Portland-based Twitch streamers that you should consider giving a subscription to.



This holy conglomerate of wickedly radical female gamers brings the fun by the truckload. Whether they’re sitting around with some drinks, playing couch co-op games, or scaring the piss out of themselves by playing terrifying video games, the variety of personalities and characters found on this channel is completely unchallenged on Twitch today.



Playing anything from Magic: The Gathering, to Warframe, Sherpa is a leader in the Portland Twitch scene and has garnered a reputation for being the lovable, goofy pal everyone has always wanted but didn’t know where to find. Well, you can find him on Twitch.



Streaming three nights a week, Shando Calrisian (or just Shando) brings a bit of the indie flavor to your Twitch streaming needs. Recently, they’ve been making their way through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Simulacra. Check out Portland’s Dovahkiin to cure your isolation boredom!

Anita Noelle Green


Part political-focused commentary, part exciting gameplay, Anita’s channel is filled right to the brim with content that will keep you locked in for hours. With four dedicated stream times per week — including a COOKING SHOW! — a sub to Anita is worth every cent.



One of the organizers at Twitch Portland (a community group that supports and gathers Twitch’s local content creators), DanieltheDemon is a majestic variety streamer that can show you the ropes in nearly any genre. A highlight of his channel would be the group streams, where Daniel groups up with fellow streamers to tackle some of the best co-op games ever made.

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