8 gifts that let you support local this Lunar New Year

Feb 10 2021, 4:33 pm

With the incessant chaos that’s consumed the past year, we could all use a fresh start. And what better opportunity is there for new beginnings — ones brimming with love and prosperity — than the Lunar New Year.

As the occasion fast approaches, we’ve put some thought into how to best celebrate, and the local brands and artisans we can support along the way.

A note to remember when planning gifts is not to give monetary amounts that include four, as the pronunciation of four is very close to the pronunciation of death in Chinese. Most other even numbers are a safe choice. The luckiest number in China is eight, so a number such as 88 is an ideal amount to give.

Here is our list of eight finds for kicking off a year of wealth, health, and good fortune:

Zodiac Earrings


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Boma Jewelry has created a line of ethical and minimalistic zodiac-inspired earrings. Identify the sign of your gift recipient, and get them a pair of these earrings to match.

Red Bean Ox Buns


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Food is never a bad gift, especially on Lunar New Year. These red bean buns are shaped like oxen and are almost too adorable to eat. Almost.

Fred Munchtime Trainer Chopsticks

World Market

If you have kids joining in on your celebration, get them a pair of trainer chopsticks that they won’t be embarrassed using.

Market Spice Tea


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Warm up the February holiday with some Market Spice Tea. We recommend cinnamon-orange, as oranges are typically given to elders during the holiday.

Face Mask

We never thought we’d be saying this, but yep, a great Lunar New Year gift this year would be a face mask. Bonus points if it’s red, gold, or both.



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While you’d typically bring wine or spirits, we think that in this modern world, a beer would be just as fine. Here is a list of great local breweries to get your gift from.

Yuan Signature Chinese Massage


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Give the gift of relaxation with a Chinese Massage. Yuan Spa’s signature massage is a blend of Chinese tuina, acupressure, table Thai, tapotement (rhythmic tapping), and Lomi Lomi massage. This uniquely therapeutic treatment is designed to balance and energize the body working with the Chinese meridian lines of the body.

Chalo Pouch


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Get one of these adorable pouches that your gift recipient is sure to find use for. Even better, stuff some cash inside of it.

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