What to eat in Portland today: Kulfi PDX

Jul 16 2020, 6:26 pm

Today, we’re bringing you the best tip to beat the seasonal heat, as Kulfi PDX brings the cooling, refreshing, and sensational natural popsicles to the streets of Portland.

While we often brag about the gorgeous weather in the Pacific Northwest throughout most of the year — sorry, folks who have to deal with snow — there always comes a time when the summer gets too hot.

While fashionistas may delight in the opportunity to wear summer attire, many of us are just trying to find a way to stem the overwhelming heat and mugginess. This is precisely the distress that Kulfi PDX can save us from.

Kulfi is a frozen dairy treat originating from India dating back to the 1500s, and this Portland couple stumbled on their unique ability to craft the essential Kulfi experience more than a year ago.


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This upstart, deliciously satisfying popsicle can be found at pop-up locations (keeping tabs on their social media is a fun way to track down some cooling goodness) and has since partnered with food establishments like Taco Pedaler and Masa Fresh.

What to order

The menu at Kulfi PDX is one of ever-evolving amazement. The staples that can be found there are truly magical.


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Our favorite, the Rose City, consists of Rose Water, Cardamom, Pistachios, and Sharbot. It’s a mystifyingly intense flavor journey, that also happens to pay grand tribute to the city in which this locally sourced business was born.

Kulfi PDX

Taco Pedaler: 2225 NE Broadway, Portland
Phone: 503 946 1173

Masa Fresh: Order online

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