Portland ranked one of the most handsome cities in all of America

Dec 12 2019, 9:37 pm

If you had any doubt that the bevy of male beauties that make up Rose City’s population weren’t some of the most attractive in the nation, let us put your confusion to rest.

A ranking by GroomingLounge.com, a men’s grooming product line, just released their rankings for America’s most handsome men, and (unsurprisingly) our very own Portland came in number five out of 25 ranked cities.



Portland lost to Arlington, Boise, Madison, and Seattle, all ranked at one, two, three, and four, respectively. But PDX beat some handsome heavyweight champions like Austin, Omaha, Denver, and Plano. Fascinatingly enough, LA didn’t even make it to the list.

The rankings relied on criteria that measure each city’s male population’s commitment to personal appearance, in the form of money spent on personal products per man, including shaving needs, apparel, and personal care services (e.g., commitment to fitness).

Handsomeness may be subjective, but who are we to argue?

Lakshmi SadhuLakshmi Sadhu

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