What to eat in Portland today: Homegrown Smoker

Jul 21 2020, 10:15 pm

We’ve recommended some pretty amazing barbecue joints in and around the Portland metro area. However, today we have something special. One of the best smokehouse eateries in all of Oregon is Homegrown Smoker, and they serve up spectacular takeout that will rival your current favorite spot. Best of all, they are completely vegan.

Located near Cathedral Park, Homegrown Smoker is the combination of fantastic flavors, environmentalism, and an animal-friendly purpose, and it has recently reopened for takeout orders.


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Some barbecue aficionados may be dissuaded to try vegan eats, but these essentials found on the Homegrown Smoker menu can top almost any meat-based offerings found at your current favorite smokehouse.

What to order

With a small menu, it’s easy to tell you to just order one of everything and enjoy it. The sandwiches, wings, BBQ platers, and more are the delicious destinations your mouth deserves to travel to.


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However, it’s the MacNoCheeto wrap from Homegrown Smoker that is pure heaven. From their perfectly barbecued soy curls glazed with in-house special BBQ sauce, their dairy-free mac and no-cheese, beans, and onions, this adventure is a portal to another universe. It’s astoundingly life-changing.

Homegrown Smoker

Address: 8638 N Lombard Street, Portland
Phone: 503 477 7274

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