What to eat in Portland today: Grind Wit Tryz

Sep 8 2020, 10:24 pm

Aloha, food lovers! It is with great pleasure that we continue to spread the love to the delicious Venn diagram of barbeque foods and tropical flavors that is Hawaiian cuisine.

In previous months, we brought some attention to the absolutely wonderful Hawaiian dishes found at 808 Grinds in Portland, and we’ve got another banger to add to the list.

This little can-do shop, inspired by the founder’s parents, can give you the platter to save your day. We’re talking sweet meats, crunchy carbs, and sauces that will fill you up to your eyeballs.


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In comparison to bigger shops and eateries, Grind Wit Tryz is a one-man show, and they are cooking up some of the most monumentally flavorful dishes in all of the Pacific Northwest.

What to order

With no one to answer to except for the folks flocking to pick up from their Hawaiian-delivering shack, Grind Wit Tryz has an ever-changing menu on the daily.


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If available, snatching up an order of Ono Chicken is a must. It’s juicy, and some of the most wildly flavorful poultry in the city of Portland. Otherwise, if you’re lucky enough to get the sauce-drizzled Chicken Katsu Dynamite fried up on Wednesdays, then you may never want to eat anywhere else.

Grind Wit Tryz

Address: 7339 NE Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 808-348-2734


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