What to eat in Portland today: 808 Grinds

Apr 29 2020, 9:25 pm

There are a lot of amazing culinary experiences in and around Portland, and there’s no better time than isolation to go on a journey around the world — with your mouth.

Part of essential eats in town is the fabulous Hawaiin-inspired 808 Grinds.

Fortunately for Portlandians, this authentic island menu is still available during large-scale economic shutdowns.


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808 Grinds said it is “servin’ da aloha one plate at a time.” Outside of this very difficult and different time in our lives, 808 brings both the flavors and the feeling of the US islands.

Life on the Hawaiin Islands is beautiful and moves at a different pace. Classic culinary dishes feature sweet fruits and bitter meats, and 808 offers all of that and more. Now, with its dining rooms closed, this PDX favorite is serving up their entire menu with pick-up options.

You can even get an entire Kalua Pig cooked up for $210.

What to order

Though their menu is as diverse as the people and culture that inspired it, we highly recommend the Loco Moco.


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With this dish, you get a handmade beef patty topped with a fried egg and gravy. All of this plated up on top of 808’s perfectly made rice.

808 Grinds

Address: 10100 SW Park Way, Portland
Phone: 503-477-9976

Address: 5226 SE 26th Ave, Portland
Phone: 503-941-6637


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