Small business spotlight: Cup of Tea steeps a mean leaf

May 27 2020, 9:46 pm

There’s nothing better than a fresh and unique cup of steeped goodness from Cup of Tea.

You’ll never be able to meet an Oregonian that doesn’t gush about how wonderfully brilliant our region of the world is. The Pacific Northwest is quite a wondrous place.

However, sometimes it can get a little rainy and chilly. Luckily for those that live here, an afternoon that consists of some good music, the sound of precipitation, and a warm cup of tea is perfection.


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One of Oregon’s favorite independent tea shops, Cup of Tea has been serving up some of the best leaf-based drinks in the Clackamas, Oregon area.

When you look at what is on offer at this shop it can be very easy to find yourself overwhelmed. Saying that there’s a wall of options is not a hyperbole. There is a literal wall of tea inside.


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In order to provide the best mix of options, the best offering at this beloved spot has to be their box-sets. Our favorite, titled the “I only drink coffee” bundle, features four stunning Black Teas (a great replacement for the caffeine we desire in coffee).

You can order some of Cup of Tea’s amazing selection for yourself online.

Cup of Tea

Address: 10117 SE Sunnyside Road suite J, Clackamas
Phone: 503-305-6966

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