These are the six best yoga studios in Portland

Nov 20 2019, 2:00 pm

If there’s one word to describe the yoga scene in Portland, it’s diverse.

Across Portland, there is quite literally a yoga studio to suit every personality and need — whether you’re after a practice rooted in the Ancient traditions, a hybrid cardio-yoga workout, or a place to enjoy happy hour after your class.

These days, a yoga studio is so much more than a yoga studio. Yoga studios are places where you can not only explore and expand our yoga practice, but also be in community, experience meaningful connections, and dive into other supportive wellness practices such as breathwork, shamanic ceremonies, and sound journeying.

Whatever your proclivities may be, here are a few of the best studios to explore in Portland.

Yoga Union

Yoga Union and Community Wellness Center in Sunnyside, Portland, offers a range of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Primal Vinyasa, Flow, Core, Hot, Prenatal and Kundalini.  Explore workshops on everything from Kundalini to the Wim Hof method, to dealing with grief, to Sound Healing to Acupuncture. This studio has an extremely diverse offering and great reputation for quality classes and teachers in a holistic wellness setting.

Bonus: they have a sauna students are welcome to use.

The People’s Yoga

The People’s Yoga welcomes people from all walks of life, uniting all who believe yoga is great. This studio is committed to remaining low cost, with yoga being the great equalizer. You’ll love the laid back vibe and great teachers you’ll find here.

Classes are primarily Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative. They also offer beautiful retreats and workshops. You’ll find them at two locations in Killingsworth and in southeast Portland.

Yoga To You PDX + The Alameda Yoga Studio

Yoga to You PDX is your go-to for private yoga classes — aka, if you want your yoga class to quite literally come to your living room or your office. They also run an adorable studio called the Alameda Yoga Studio in the Beaumont-Alameda neighborhood in Portland.

Oh, and they also specialize in Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and classes.


If you’re seeking a fun vibe, a la beer-drinking and big hair, you’ll feel right at home at Yoyoyogi, a studio space in the Pearl District, where all are welcome to be themselves, and laugh as much as you want during each class.  This studio offers Hot Flow Yoga, a meditation room AND happy hour. A little something for everyone.

Yoga Refuge

In East Portland, Yoga Refuge is a literal refuge from the stress of city life. This studio provides the space and support for you to let go of stress, build sustainable self-care habits and feel at home in your body, so that you can thrive in your life, work and relationships. This studio has a reputation for offering a therapeutic, self-care vibe, reminding yogis that true wellness begins deep within.

Unfold Portand

If you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, Unfold Portland is an unconditionally welcoming community, where you can restore your body at a slow pace. The yoga classes tend to be very slow and therapeutic. This studio is also dedicated to teaching “big yoga” – so you’ll find mindfulness classes, meditation workshops, and movement therapy classes. Be sure to check out Yoga Nidra with Ashley Dahl.

As you choose a studio, I’d recommend going back a few times and trying a few different teachers to give each a fair chance. And if you’re ready to immerse yourself in yoga for a weekend or longer, be sure to explore these Oregon yoga retreats and these meditation retreats in Oregon.

Monica Krake is the founder of Head + Heart, your guide to all things spirituality and wellness. Discover events, retreats, resources, teachers, and community across North America.

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