5 of the best spin studios you'll find around Portland

Jan 30 2020, 12:19 am

Whether you’re a couch potato or an overzealous fitness fanatic, spin is a super accessible way to get back into your fitness routine or challenge yourself to get stronger.

Contrary to popular belief, spin doesn’t involve a manic instructor yelling at you to cycle faster as Ariana Grande plays in the background. So don’t feel intimidated or put off by what you may have heard about spin classes, and check out these five spin studios in Portland that will actually make exercising fun again.



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If you’re looking for a body-positive spin class whose focus is on celebrating your health rather than getting the “perfect body,” then you’re at the right place with MobCycle’s welcoming atmosphere.

Address: 535 NE 28th Avenue, Portland

TEMPO cycling & pilates studio


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The best part about TEMPO is their flexibility. Not only can you enjoy indoor cycling classes, but there is also the option of outdoor cycling classes (if staying in one place and pedalling isn’t your thing).

Address: 1623 SE 12th Avenue, Portland



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If you’re looking for a community of people to support you along your journey of fitness, then look no further than BurnCycle. You’ll not only whip yourself in shape, but you’ll also meet some rad, like-minded people.

Address: 910 NW 10th Avenue, Portland

Industrial Barre + Ride


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Industrial Barre + Ride is awesome because it offers cycling classes and Barre together so you can always switch up if you’re finding yourself bored and unmotivated.

Address: 8288 SE 13th Avenue, Portland

Revocycle Mind and Bod


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One of the most unique parts about this studio is that it uses freewheel bikes, which means you can’t use the wheel to fling your legs around and let the wheels do all the work. These kind of bikes really work your muscles and don’t let you cheat yourself.

Address: 1218 NW Marshall Street, Portland
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