Small Business Spotlight: Barrow PDX and their unique jewelry

Aug 6 2020, 10:08 pm

One shop that embodies the true Portlandian maker spirit as much as any other around town, is Barrow. A virtually impossible to mimic accessory and jewelry crafter featured in PDX that strays as far as it can from mass production.

“Barrow appreciates variation,” reads the shop’s website. “We avoid methods of mass production to ensure subtle changes from piece to piece. We enjoy the process of making, so please check back here for an ever-evolving selection of jewelry and homeware (and whatever else we come up with).”


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The best part about Barrow — other than their obvious insatiable need to make great stuff — is that they don’t shy away from making whatever it is you may want. They will hear out any customer, about any custom-made piece that their heart desires.

An astounding shop, the Barrow everyday wears are the stuff of dreams. Everything made at this brand is well crafted, absolutely gorgeous, and there are few accessory brands on Earth with the same refreshing look as their line-up.

This ever-changing shop serves up designed and products on a whim, which adds to the excitement, as you may never know what surprises and new things they whip up.

Check out these porcelain pretties immediately.

Barrow PDX

Address: 323 NE Wygant Street #201, Portland (by appointment only)
Phone: 503 310 6426


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