Valérie Plante tells Chicago she will 'fight' for cheaper and better transit in Montreal

Dec 5 2017, 4:21 pm

Valérie Plante is in Chicago this week for the inaugural North American Climate Change Summit.

The summit brings together 50 mayors for the summit to discuss climate action for their cities and the world.

Plante sat down with Chicago public radio, WBEZ, to talk about Projet Montreal’s plan to combat climate change. Plante emphasized the importance of reliable and affordable public transportation for Montreal, which she says is something she will “fight” for as mayor.

“There has to be in more investment in Canada – it’s the provincial (and) federal level to invest massively into public transport options. Because if we want to reach those objectives for the reduction of the greenhouse emissions we cannot let it happen the way it is right now,” she said.

“There is money available at the federal level in Canada. The mandate I received from citizens was to go out and fight for that.”

Plante went on to speak about the new 28-station Pink Line metro project that she promised to build by 2028.

“What im really hoping for is to have from the other level of government that they are supporting the creation of this Pink Line that I have been talking about,” she said.

When asked why the project would cost nearly $6-billion, Plante said it comes down to the new technology that will be used for the trains and infrastructure.

Plante also mentioned that an order for more hybrid buses is in the works. “There has been a lack of investment in the past few years and we got to do something on the Island of Montreal about that,” she said.

“Public transport to me is a way to develop economic and social life so there has to be more investment on that front.”

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