Valérie Plante receives backlash for tweet endorsing Biden and Harris

Nov 4 2020, 9:47 pm

A tweet sent out by Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has received blowback from some of her followers.

On Tuesday night, Plante endorsed presidential candidate Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris, highlighting the latter’s time spent in Montreal during her high school years.

“All the eyes of the world, and especially Montréal’s, are on the US Election tonight,” reads Plante’s tweet. “Good luck Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, your high school city is rooting for you!”

Some people were quick to comment that Harris went to school in Westmount, not Montreal, while others replied that it’s not the mayor’s place to speak on political views on behalf of an entire city.

Ty JadahTy Jadah

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