This 18-inch console that transforms into a 10-foot-long table has gone viral (VIDEO)

Oct 28 2022, 2:30 pm

With the average apartment size of a downtown apartment at just over 700 sq ft, the need to use a living space strategically is essential.

And with versatile furniture, Montrealers are doing just that. From dining room tables converting to desks to studio living rooms converting to bedrooms at night, the days of items in the home serving just one purpose are in the rearview — a sentiment embraced at Transformer Table, where furniture is designed to be adaptable.

Established in Montreal in 2016, Transformer Table is an up-and-coming smart furniture company founded by a group of friends looking for a new challenge. Not having any experience manufacturing tables or selling products online, the company conducted a year of research to discover how to create a versatile table that could adapt and transform to suit the needs of a space. Ultimately, the team invented the Transformer Table, made from 100% hardwood and billed as a “6-in-1” multifunctional table to fill all user needs.

This works by putting practical design at the forefront of the product. The steel ball-bearing telescopic mechanism in the table allows buyers to glide it apart with ease. The table comes with five solid-wood panels, which can easily latch into place to give the six different table size options.

At its smallest, the table can be used as a hallway shelf, only 18 inches across, but it can also expand into a 10-foot-long table suited for 12 people to eat together comfortably — with the ability to support up to 750 lbs of food. For those who thought they had too small a space to host, a Transformer Table is a must-have for gatherings with family.

Since the signature table, the company has expanded its range of products to include other smart furniture, including chairs, couches, and outdoor patio furniture.

The team has also successfully pitched on season 13 of Dragon’s Den and launched several successful Kickstarter campaigns — one where they received $4 million in pledges, becoming one of the most funded Canadian Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

Now, their products are in the homes of over 60,000 families in over 30 countries around the world.

“The growing international love has been humbling, and it’s a commonality that exists in people around the globe that allows us to penetrate new markets,” Cedric Deltandre, co-founder and chief global strategist, told Daily Hive. “Early on, we felt good that if people throughout the world would simply see or hear about our product, some would see that same usefulness that our local clients saw and were charmed by.”

Transformer Table has also seen virality online with a straightforward product reveal video generating over 300 million views across all social media platforms — with more than five million likes on Instagram alone at the time of this writing.

The company has attributed its success to the fact that they make furniture like no other company — such as the signature Transformer Table. Perfectly designed to help facilitate large gatherings with friends and family, the Transformer Table has revolutionized the way we think about furniture.

The company emphasizes quality workmanship and offers a one-year warranty for its products and a lifetime warranty on the patented telescopic mechanism used in their famous tables and benches. They also try to be eco-conscious, planting 10 trees for every item sold, and sourcing their wood from FSC-certified forests.

“There is always room for improvement, especially when we are changing the way furniture is produced by introducing automation,” Zaur Pkhalagov, co-founder and chief financial officer, told Daily Hive. “We strive to add extra functions and value to existing household items. In a field that hasn’t been changing for many years, we managed to do something different and people are noticing it.”


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For more information, visit Transformer Table’s website or their showroom at 330 Rue Avro in Pointe-Claire. Using the code HIVE120 gets buyers $120 off their purchase.

Transformer Table

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