STM maintenance workers vote in favour of six-day strike mandate

Feb 19 2018, 4:27 pm

STM maintenance employees voted on Sunday to approve a six-day rotating strike mandate.

Nearly 2,400 STM workers who repair the city’s buses and trains voted 98% on a mandate that included a six-day bank strike at a time deemed appropriate.

The union’s main concerns include a lack of work-life balance for its workers.

“Never in the history of our union has the employer been so demanding and aggressive about union gains,” says union president Gleason Frenette, in a statement.

The worker’s collective agreement with the STM expired on January 6 and both parties have met over 30 times since last April to try and hash out a deal.

“At some point, we have to face the fact that we have no choice. You have to stand up and stay in solidarity, ” said Frenette.

However, Frenette said that the union’s main priority is reaching a fair settlement.

“We are not closed, we are ready to work and to find the necessary solutions to reach an acceptable and respectful collective agreement towards our workers.”

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