STM buses will resume front-door boarding and fare collection next week

Aug 6 2020, 5:27 pm

STM buses will resume its traditional fare collection and front-door boarding as of next week.

Bus riders had been asked to board Montreal’s public buses through the back door as a result of the pandemic since March, in efforts to reduce the amount of physical contact between riders and drivers.

On Thursday morning the STM (SociƩtƩ de transport de MontrƩal) said it will resume front-door boarding and fare collection as of Monday, August 10, throughout its entire bus network.

The STM is asking transit riders to enter through the front, pay the fare, and exit by the back. Protective panels have been put in place to help keep drivers safe.

“As is the case across our network, we have increased the cleaning frequency of the most-used surfaces,” says the STM website, citing poles, straps, and handles as the most-cleaned items on buses.

The transit network reminds users that face masks are mandatory for all riders over the age of 12 and says STM inspectors will gradually begin to verify fares.

Riders who don’t pay the fare are subject to $150 to $500 fines.

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