So Meta: What the world thinks of the Facebook name change

Oct 28 2021, 8:01 pm

Facebook has shocked the world with the announcement of its name change, and it’s so meta.

Actually, it’s literally Meta, and that will be the new umbrella label under which all of Facebook’s products are listed.

Facebook is calling Meta the “next chapter of social connection,” and the new name was announced at their Facebook Connect event.

As you might have expected, the internet is reacting, and to say the reaction is mixed would be an understatement.

Facebook shared the announcement through an interesting animated video.

Not everyone is impressed by the change.

Facebook was recently mired in controversy after a whistleblower made internal documents public.

Many are bringing this up with the news of the name change.

Even Room Rater has gotten in on the social media storm, and they tend to be fairly lenient with their room reviews.

Along with the name change trending, #DeleteFacebook is also trending across Twitter.

Celebrities are also reacting to the name change.

Some are suggesting that this is an attempt by Facebook to escape the bad publicity it has received in recent weeks.

You can now visit and see what Marc Zuckerberg has envisioned for the future of Facebook.

One thing seems to be clear: the name change is going to take some getting used to.

Sorry, Zuckerberg, but Ron Artest did it first.

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