Snowplow helps car get out of snowbank rather than burying it even more (VIDEO)

Jan 29 2019, 12:23 am

The snow, ice, and cold so far in the new year has made for a pretty miserable winter for Montrealers.

We haven’t been able to dig our way out winter yet in 2019 and the forecast continues to be unforgiving.

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A man and his car were also having trouble digging their way out winter, on a smaller and more relatable scale, on Friday.

A video posted to Twitter over the weekend, showed a man hailing down an oncoming snowplow to help dig him out of a snowbank.

The man is seen holding a shovel behind a barrier of thick, heavy snow.

The plow kindly stops and effortlessly removes a passageway so the would-be-shoveler could sneak his car back onto the street without having to shovel his car out of the hefty snowbank.

Check out the quick video and let it warm your heart (even if the rest of you is freezing):

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante retweeted the video saying “This is a good example of our blue-collar workers, serving citizens. It’s the small gestures that make all the difference.”

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