This Quebec town is postponing Halloween due to poor weather conditions

Oct 30 2019, 10:18 am

The City of Sainte-Julie has really upped its Halloween scare game by not having the celebration on October 31 at all.

Surprise kids! Forget bags full of candy, don’t you have homework to do or something?

According to the city’s news release, Halloween has been pushed back to Friday, November 1 due to poor weather conditions.

The town, located roughly 45 km southwest of Montreal, is expecting 40 mm of rain and strong windsย and decided it was in the town’s best interest to not have Halloween at all on Thursday.

“Considering the amount of children and teenagers wishing to roam the streets to collect sweets, it’s with their safety in mind that we have decided to postpone the event to Friday,” said the town’s mayor, Suzanne Roy, in French “Normally, the rain would not have made us change the date of Halloween; it’s really the exceptional nature of the precipitation that has driven us to do this.”

Officials for Sainte-Julie, a town of about 30,000 citizens, have shared the news across their various social media platforms, its website, and will update electronic signs throughout the town to get the word out.

Authorities have also been informed to ensure children’s safety on their new Halloween, November 1.

Here’s a pro tip to the kids of Sainte-Julie: dress up in your scheduled Halloween costume and go door-to-door on Thursday in a neighbouring town AND Friday in Sainte-Julie for maximum dividends.

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