Quebecers can receive an additional $500... if they re-elect François Legault

Jun 1 2022, 3:35 pm

On Tuesday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced that he would be sending $500 cheques to Quebecers to help them combat inflation, which is currently at 6.8%.

The catch: people only get the money if the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government is re-elected in the upcoming October 3 election.

The inflation payment would mark the second $500 cheque given out by the Legault government this year. In the spring, the CAQ handed out a payment of $500 to every adult who paid taxes in 2021 across the province — roughly 6.4 million citizens.

On Wednesday Parti Québécois MP Pascal Bérubé accused Legault of trying to buy the election.

“Vote CAQ, receive later. It’s appalling,” Bérubé said in French. “Do we want to buy Quebecers?”

Others who share in Bérubé’s sentiments have been sharing their thoughts regarding Legault’s payment on Twitter.

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