7,000 Quebecers register for first vaccine dose after "unvax tax" announcement

Jan 12 2022, 3:46 pm

Roughly 7,000 people have registered to get their first COVID-19 shot after the Quebec government announced it is planning to implement an additional tax on the unvaccinated.

In a French tweet on Wednesday morning, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said 7,000 appointments were made on Tuesday, following 5,000 on Monday.

He says it’s “encouraging” and the province’s highest appointment increase in “several days.” According to Dubé, 107,000 COVID-19 vaccines were administered on Tuesday alone.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Quebec government announced a new initiative to charge unvaccinated people in the province a “health contribution.”

Legault says the exact amount has not been decided, and he won’t charge adults who have a valid medical exemption.

When asked whether this type of fee is legal and how much fines could be, Legault neglected to respond to the legality of the new initiative, only covering how much the fines could be.

He says the amount will be “significant” but didn’t reveal how much the amount could be. The premier says $50 to $100 is not “significant enough.”

Last week, Quebec said vaccine appointments quadrupled after announcing COVID-19 passports would be required to buy cannabis and alcohol at SQDCs and SAQs, respectively.

As of Tuesday, Quebec has administered 15,853,252 COVID-19 vaccines since the rollout began in December 2020.

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