Widespread rain and strong wind gusts expected to hit Quebec tomorrow

Mar 14 2019, 3:06 pm

Quebec can expect a blend of weather this weekend, ranging from significant snow melting, rain, wind and milder temperatures.

According to The Weather Network, the powerful Colorado low that has caused extreme weather in the US will trek eastward towards Quebec through Friday.

“Widespread rain is in the forecast as well as strong winds and a chance of snow as the system tracks out of the region,” reads the weather website. “Rain will spread across the province with a general 5-10 mm expected for many. Along with the rain comes a surge in temperatures and the potential for some southern regions to reach the low teens by Friday.”

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The Weather Network’s meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg says there is also a concern for flooding, “amid a healthy snowpack on the ground.”

In Montreal, there is still roughly 25 cm of snow on the ground, 50 cm in the Gatineau region and upwards of 100 cm of powder towards Quebec City and the Laurentians.

“All of this snow still has to melt and this Colorado low moving through and bringing rain and warmer temperatures will start to melt some of it, so make sure all of your storm drains are clear from the snowpack,” warns Sonnenburg.

The Weather Network

The Weather Network

The Weather Network

It is also recommended that snow is removed from roofs and drains to prevent collapses and flooding as two roofs have collapsed in the Montreal area last week, according to The Weather Network.

The storm will also bring in powerful winds, which have the potential to cause further damage to roofs and trees.

Wind gusts could reach between 50 to 70 km/h in Gatineau through Mont-Laurier, and the downtown core of Montreal will see gusts reaching near 80 km/h, which will linger into Friday.

The cold front will pass through southern Quebec on Friday evening and could bring with it a mix of rain and snow that may linger into Saturday morning. That comes with a return to below-seasonal temperatures into early next week as well.

The Weather Network urges Quebecers to continually monitor updates and alerts throughout the weekend.