Here's how you can get a full sugar shack experience from home

Mar 16 2021, 2:01 pm

The sugar shack experience is such an ingrained Quebec tradition, it’s almost a surprise we don’t have straight maple syrup running through our veins.

But with Montreal at the centre of the province’s Red Zone, getting our maple taffy and tourtière fix hasn’t been possible, and getting our maple-flavoured goods from Mont-Royal station’s kiosk just hits different.

Ma cabane à la maison is a website specifically created to fix this problem. Affiliated with over 70 sugar shacks throughout the province, this platform helps connect users to a shack where they can order a tasty meal.

Once you head to the site, you can find a shack according to your location or just by selecting one on the map. Then, you get to choose how you want to get your meal. There are options for self-pickup, delivery, or have it sent to a Metro grocery store near you for a closer pick-up location.

You might want to take some time to shop around if you have more than one grocery store location to choose from. Different shacks are affiliated with different stores, so their pick-up times and menu options might vary.

For instance, some places have gluten-free, vegetarian, and halal options for those with dietary restrictions. And although most of them will deliver your food frozen, you can request a fresh meal at certain spots.

To make the whole thing even better, the website has created a list of things to get users in the sugar shack mood. They’ve created a Spotify playlist filled with tunes from classic Quebec artists, filmed a show to watch while you enjoy your food, and they’ve even put up instructions on how to make your own maple taffy from home.

Elyette LevyElyette Levy

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