12 of the best places to get a sweet dessert in Montreal

Mar 9 2021, 8:57 pm

If there’s one rule that Montreal abides by, it’s that there’s always room for dessert.

Everyone needs a bit of sweetness from time to time, and just because you can’t (legally) celebrate anything doesn’t mean you don’t have any reason to order a whole cake to yourself.

We deserve to treat ourselves to a nice dessert without feeling guilty. And honestly, is there any reason not to?

Here are 12 Montreal dessert places that’ll curb your sweet tooth on those days you just need a little something to boost your mood.

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe


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If you’re a fan of European-style pastries and viennoiseries, you’re going to love Pâtisserie Rhubarbe. Not only does each item on their menu look like a literal piece of art, it’s all incredibly delicious, too.

Uncle Tetsu

Any seasoned cheesecake fan will acknowledge Uncle Tetsu’s as the creator of the fluffiest, most addictive cheesecake in town. This lovely dessert is entirely made by hand and stamped with the brand’s signature cartoon stamp.



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DoughNats’ bite-sized donuts are fanciful, adorable and, of course, super tasty. The creator, Montreal chef Nathalie Kaspy-Shtern, came up with the idea of making the traditional dessert a little bit smaller, so you can enjoy more of them guilt-free.


If Rockaberry is known for one thing, it’s their selection of pies. Any flavour of pie you can possibly be craving, they probably carry on their menu (and they make it better than anyone else).

Dragon’s Beard Candy


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This might not be considered a traditional dessert, but if you were looking for something sweet, try this treat made almost entirely of sugar. It’s made by hand-pulling a hard block of corn syrup in order to get sugary strands thinner than human hair, then filling it with chopped peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds, and just a little bit of chocolate.



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Another amazing place to get Japanese-style cheesecake, Tsujiri is your destination for a premium dessert. They change their cake recipes every season, and you’ll find yourself going back to try their new flavours each time.


Mahrouse is your one-stop-shop for Middle-Eastern sweets. You can expect to find handmade Arabic ice cream, almond macarons, and a variety of unforgettable baklavas.

Alice and Theo


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This Verdun pastry shop has been all the rage lately — and we can see why. Their specialty is their artisanal ice cream, which pairs perfectly with their selection of cream puffs and fresh cookies.

Sophie Sucrée

Plant-based friends, take note of this one! Sophie Sucrée is a vegan bakery on the Plateau with all the options of cake, cookies, and cupcakes your heart desires.

Baluchon Food Truck


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This place might be a little more difficult to track down, but it’s totally worth it. They make the most awesome selection of pies, brownies, and cakes, which you can order on their website while you wait for them to start up their truck again on April 1st.

Le Café Bomnal


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This humble NDG place is certainly not one you should miss out on. Le Café Bomnal makes the cutest macarons and cupcakes in town; even their smoothies look adorable.


Nonnina is one of the best places in Montreal to get dessert just like your Italian grandma does it (even if you’re not Italian). From cakes to tarts, everything they make is 100% authentic.

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