Here's where fall foliage is peaking in Quebec this Thanksgiving weekend

Oct 8 2021, 7:29 pm

Autumn in Quebec has arrived with bursts of colour, aroma, and flavour. As we enter mid-October, the season’s peak foliage is about to hit.

If you’re looking to capture the perfect fall photograph, now is the time.

But whether you’re a fall fanatic or not, there is something magical about seeing the leaves go from yellow to orange to red. And while there are plenty of incredible places to watch the leaves change right here in our own backyard, the prettiest seasonal sights can be found at various parks throughout the province.

Quebec’s Tourism website, Bonjour Qu√©bec, is making it easy for Quebecers to check out the beautiful foliage throughout the province.

Their updated map gives you an idea of how the colour of the leaves is fluctuating throughout the province. As you can see, the foliage in many areas throughout Quebec has reached its peak.

bonjour quebec map

Bonjour QueŐĀbec

If you’re looking to check out some beautiful autumn views over the weekend, check out one of the parks listed below, which are showing leaves in the orange to red stages.

  • Laval: Mid-point
  • Mont√©r√©gie: Mid-point
  • Laurentians: Near-peak
  • Lanaudi√®re: Near-Peak / Peak

The website urges travellers to dress for the weather, noting that ideal fall clothes are materials like wool and polar fleece. Windy and rainy days call for a windbreaker/rain jacket. The site recommends wool socks, waterproof shoes or hiking boots for long treks and to always wear layers so you can adjust your outfit to the cooling weather on the fly.

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