Quebec predicts 1,263 to 8,860 coronavirus-related deaths by end of April

Apr 7 2020, 1:47 pm

After giving his daily briefings, Quebec Premier François Legault handed the reigns to two of Quebec’s senior public health advisers to provide the province’s COVID-19 projections.

Legault said the numbers were “non-political” but instead “scientific” and opted for doctors to conduct the meeting instead.

Yvan Gendron and Richard Massé provided details about the projections in two scenarios, based on how Quebecers adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

In an optimistic scenario, health officials revealed predictions by April 30 to be 29,212 known cases and 1,263 deaths. The pessimistic scenario for the same date predicted 59,845 known cases and 8,860 deaths.

Gendron said the projections are based on “countries that had important characteristics” to Quebec. “You also have to understand that when we create these scenarios they are predictions of reality but they are not reality,” he said in French.

He said Quebec took quick measures that have lead to “pretty significant” results and even called it a “success.”

Francois Legault/Facebook

“We have way fewer deaths than the European average, keeping proportions in mind,” assured Legault in his 1 pm meeting. “That doesn’t mean we have to change our efforts,” he stressed. “We have to respect the guidelines and not have gatherings.”

Legault reiterated that Easter weekend, though part of Quebec’s traditions, should not be used as an excuse to break the distancing guidelines.

“I am counting on the leaders of all the religious communities to enforce these measures.”

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