New public transit fare for all of Montreal being put in place

Apr 30 2021, 4:15 pm

A new public transit fare system is being put in place across the entire Montreal metropolitan area.

The AutoritĂ© rĂ©gionale de transport mĂ©tropolitain (ARTM), the organization responsible for all of Montreal’s transit agencies (including the STM), approved the new pricing model last year and released new details surrounding the change on Thursday afternoon.

Though pricing has yet to be finalized, the new fares will benefit students, seniors, and children under the age of 11 — who will be able to travel free of charge throughout the Greater Montreal network.

Currently, there are 91 different transit districts across the Montreal metropolitan region. The ARTM says there are more than 700 different price models across its transit network, which gets complicated based on age and region.

As part of its new system, the ARTM will divide Montreal into just three different zones, A, B, and C.

As of July 1, 2021, children under the age of 11 will be able to ride for free, so long as they are accompanied by somebody aged 14 years or older.

Montrealers aged 65 and older will be eligible to get 70% rebates, and full-time students will be getting 40% discounts on monthly passes.

Montreal will be in Zone A, the South Shore and Laval will be Zone B, and areas further north (like Mirabel and Deux-Montagnes) will be Zone C.

For example, Zone A travellers will be able to buy tickets to other zones at a much more regulated price instead of dealing with the 700 different price models.


Commuters who purchase the “ABC ticket” will be able to travel to any zone using any of the available transit options — sort of like a super pass.

The new pricing system will be done gradually with the plans of completely phasing out what the ARTM calls “old fares” in 2024.

Fare modifications that go into effect this July are available (in French only) on the ARTM website.

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