Netflix Canada just called out MTL Blog’s stupidity and it was glorious

Jan 16 2019, 3:24 am

MTL Blog published a post this morning wondering if Netflix Canada’s social media accounts had been hacked, calling its content “super offensive.”

The first line of the article is as follows:

Something bizarre is going on with Netflix ‘s social media accounts this morning, particularly their Twitter and Instragram accounts.

(Their typo, not ours.)

In a reply, Netflix Canada explained to the blog that the “hacks” were not hacks at all, but simply Netflix’s hilarious social team making references to some of the streaming service’s popular shows.

“What we know for sure is that something weird is going on on Twitter and Instagram,” reads MTL Blog’s initial article. And, whenever MTL Blog thinks “something weird” is going on, you know it’s bound to be true.

Netflix US responded to MTL Blog’s claims that “It’s my vagina” was unintentional by explaining, “This is from a really stunning and powerful scene in @sexeducation where young women and men save a fellow classmate from embarrassment by claiming the private photo that sent around school belonged to them,” before adding a little jab to the Montreal site. “It’s great a moment of anti-bullying. You should watch.”

The world’s largest streaming service continued to justify their social media channels by starting a thread directed at MTL Blog’s most recent inaccuracies.

Users responded to the feud by standing up for the popular streaming service and fed MTL Blog some cold, hard, and completely merited burns.


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