Must-try foods you have to eat when visiting Montreal

Jun 27 2022, 7:05 pm

Visiting Montreal? There are some foods that you absolutely have to try during your time in the city.

Almost to the point that you might get shamed by fellow Montreal foodies if you don’t.

In June, a tourist questioned the AskMTL subreddit of r/Montreal, asking where the “must-try food spots” are in the city.

Reddit user u/NotASouthpaww said he was visiting from Toronto and wanted to make sure he’d try all the great alternatives to the obvious restaurants like Schwartz’s, Fairmount Bagel, and La Banquise.

Since Montreal and its food scene are quite polarizing, a lengthy 142-comment debate broke out, trying to help the tourist shorten his must-try list. Popular alternative spots included Reuben’s Deli, Ma Poule Mouill√©e, Chez Claudette, and Imadake.

If you’re touching down in Montreal or you’re a local looking at what’s popular around the community, here’s where people on Reddit think newbies coming to Montreal for the first time absolutely have to dine at.

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