Je m'appelle: Here are the most popular last names in Quebec

Jul 11 2022, 8:09 pm

When we talk about common last names we often go the “Smith” route.

And while it has long been a stereotypically popular name, it remains, to this day, the most common in the United States, United Kingdom, and even most of Canada.

Quebec, on the other hand, is one of the exceptions to this rule. Over here Smiths don’t even crack the top 50 in terms of popularity.

In fact, according to‘s regularly updated database of family records, the 10 most popular surnames in the province can all be traced back to the early settlers of “Nouvelle France” from the 17th century onwards.

And while you can probably already guess two or three off the top of your head, here’s a list of the 20 most popular last names in Quebec today along with the frequency to which they can be found.

quebec family names common

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