9 Montreal-themed Halloween costume ideas

Oct 17 2019, 7:56 pm

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to start focusing on what you’re going to wear. With an infinite amount of things to choose from, why not express your love for Montreal by dressing as something distinctly local?

Sure, dressing up as any of The Avengers or Donald Trump would be timely, but think about how much praise you’d get if you pulled off a poutine or all the ‘costume cred’ you would get at a costume contest by dressing local.

To help you out with some fun ideas, we’ve put together a list of Montreal-themed costumes that should get you a few extra treats.

STM Bus/Metro Worker



Nab a blue vest, a light blue long-sleeve shirt, dark pants and you’re all set.

The baby blue shirt will certainly bring out your eyes, plus you can have a name tag so nobody forgets your name. Extra brownie points for handing out STM tickets (just collect a bunch of expired ones). Also, you’d win any costume contest if you build a Transformer-like metro car. You still have time.



Frite Alors

Considering it’s practically our city’s official food, donning a poutine costume would be a welcomed sight.

Use cardboard as the base, some styrofoam as the fries, a brown blanket as gravy and bundle up some wrapping paper as the cheese curds. Plus, you could wear one of those cool chef hats.

Showing up to La Belle Province at a Halloween after-party should get you a free poutine too.

Habs Player



This one’s kind of easy and super meaningful. Toss on a Canadiens jersey, some shorts, high socks, and voila. Add a helmet, some bruises, fake blood, or a puck to the face for extra realism.

Or take the easy route and put on a Canadiens jersey and wear a brown paper bag over your head and you could be a 2017 Habs fan.

St-Hubert Chicken



Who doesn’t love seeing the St-Hubert delivery car pull up in their driveway? It’s not only funny and cute, but by this point, it’s also a little comforting. Remind your fellow Montreal friends of your fondness for this dining institution, and dress up as the St-Hubert Chicken.

Extra costume points every time you say “chick out my Halloween costume.”




Montreal-style bagels are top-notch, there’s no denying. This could be a good group/couple costume and it’ll certainly resonate with the local crowd. There are tons of bagel suits available online but they’d be fairly¬†easy to make at home too.

Have one half go as cream cheese, the other as salmon, sprinkle some sesame seeds on one and poppy seeds on the other, and you’ll give any costume contest a run for first place.

Victor from Just for Laughs

Tangerine Bank/Twitter

Every Montrealer knows this cuddly mascot’s look but his name is actually Victor. As it could prove troublesome to find this costume online, grab a green shirt and pants, a red wig, a prosthetic nose, and some bodypaint.

Construction Cone

Construction cone costume

Construction cone costume/Party Bazaar

This could be the one time Montrealers get excited about seeing a traffic cone. You’d glow in so much orange, any of your friends would be able to spot you out at any party, too.¬†

Unless you chose to just wear the cone as a hat, it’d be pretty uncomfortable as a whole bodysuit, but think of all the high fives (and cars honking).

Genie Bouchard


Is Genie Bouchard your tennis idol? Then why not throw together a cute and easy costume in honour of the Montreal-born tennis star. All you need is a white Nike tank and skirt, a visor, and an old tennis racket from your family’s garage. To finish the look, style your hair in Genie’s signature high pony braid.

It’s simple for guys too, just call yourself Eugene Bouchard.



Club de Hockey

Finding a Youppi! costume could be easy¬†online¬†but making a homemade one would be ultimate. Grab a zany, orange wig a bunch of fabric and have at it. You’d be included in so many pictures and think about how warm you’d be once the end of October hits.

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