Montreal temperatures expected to stay above 0ºC for a week straight

Mar 23 2020, 7:34 am

It’s been a cold world out there the past few weeks but things are about to get a bit brighter.

From a temperature standpoint anyway.

According to The Weather Network’s week-long forecast, Montreal can expect the thermometer to read above 0ºC for seven straight days, starting Monday.

Weekday temperatures are forecasted to remain above 5ºC from now until the last weekend of March with “feels like” numbers hovering above 0ºC as well.

What’s more encouraging is the consecutive days of sunshine with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday slated to each get over five hours of sun during the daytime.

The midweek is forecasted to bring three straight days of sunny 8ºC weather with limited splashes (1 to 3 mm) of rain on Thursday.

The Weather Network

It seems like good ol’ Mother Nature is doing her best to make sure Montrealers look on the bright side.