Check out what the same Montreal street looks like 6 months apart (VIDEO)

Aug 12 2019, 3:40 pm

Next time you head outside, be sure to soak up the sun a little bit and be grateful it’s not January.

As sacrileges as it may be to bring up wintertime in August, it’s no secret that Mother Nature hits Montreal really hard once the calendar flips to winter.

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Reddit user Mark S posted a video to the social news website showing the difference six months can make on the same Montreal street between January and July.

The video shows a snow-filled corner of Verdun’s Wellington and De L’Église on January 20, juxtaposed with July 19’s sunshine and clear skies.

According to Mark S, the temperature in the January part of the video was -16ºC (excluding wind chill) and 32ºC in the July portion.

You know, just that classic 48ºC turnaround.

If you didn’t get a chance to wake up and smell the roses today, this video might do the trick.

Six months ago in Verdun compared to today from r/montreal

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