Cyclists in Montreal were ticketed 42 times more than in Toronto last year

Aug 12 2019, 7:11 am

Another statistic can be added to the neighbourly feud between Montreal and Toronto but unfortunately, we’re running biking away with this one.

Stats from both Montreal and Toronto police have shown an absurd difference in the amount of ticketed cyclists from 2018.

The SPVM dished out 12,285 tickets to cyclists last year compared to only 292 in Toronto.

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That means Montreal cyclists were ticketed a whopping 42 time more than bikers in our neighbouring province’s biggest city.

As per the SPVM, cyclist infractions have been growing steadily in the past five years, topping out at 12,285 in 2018.

Compared to the country’s other largest cities, Montreal is still atop the list.

In fact, police in Montreal ticketed more cyclists in 2018 than Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg combined.

  • Calgary – 399
  • Vancouver – 380
  • Toronto – 292
  • Ottawa – 180
  • Winnipeg – 114
  • Edmonton – 113
  • Total: 1,478

The total cycling tickets handed out in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Edmonton in 2018 were still eight times less than that of Montreal alone.

Montreal’s cyclist infractions included running red lights and stop signs, not stopping for school buses, wearing headphones and/or using a cell phone while riding, lacking proper lights, and biking down the wrong way.

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