Some of the strangest apartments currently for rent in Montreal (PHOTOS)

Aug 31 2021, 4:05 pm

Craigslist is one of the remaining relics of the internet’s ‘Wild West’ days.

When scrolling through the site, you’re bound to see listings for things you’ve never seen before along with some things you wish to never see again.

And in our hunt for great properties, we often stumble upon some places that make us stop and go “huh?”. Craigslist, more often than not, is where the majority of those ‘huh-worthy’ properties can be found.

From the quirky and unconventional to the downright bizarre, here are some of the wackiest apartments currently available for rent in Montreal.

The hotel room

Every inch of this studio apartment looks like it was shipped in from a Holiday Inn that was last renovated in 2008. And after closely inspecting the hairdryer, landline, and furniture, you begin to really believe that it was.

This hotel room aesthetic is not necessarily ugly, just extremely bizarre.

Address: 1205 Labelle, Centre-Ville
Price: $925/ mo

The 70s time capsule


If a time machine is not in your budget, no need to worry, this place is the next best thing. This 240 sqft bachelor apartment is completely decked out in furniture and appliances from the days of Nixon and disco.

In all seriousness, this is actually pretty cool.

Address: Westmore av, Montreal West
Price: $680/ mo

The ?

This 1 1/2 apartment is hard to wrap your head around. Among its many anomalies is the kitchen that feels like it doesn’t belong there, and the “mezzanine” bed which looks more like a floating deathtrap.

Address: 218 St-Joseph Est # 9
Price: $625 / mo

The little nook


These are the only two photos available for this room-for-rent, and we still have so many questions.

Special points for what may or may not be a VCR.

Address: 2090 Decarie
Price: $430 / mo

The optical illusion


Why not play a little game of “I spy” while hunting for apartments online?

For the record, we did not omit anything from this landlord’s listing. These two panorama photos are all you get.

Address: Girouard Av, Upper Lachine
Price: $640 / mo

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