A Montreal start-up is using geomapping to deliver local news

Jul 11 2018, 2:47 am

Two software engineering students from Concordia University have launched a new website called EaglePulse, an outlet that aims to change the way people receive local news.

The website uses information processed through online sources to pinpoint ongoing news events onto a map of major cities to localize the precise location of the situation.

EaglePulse’s website consists of a ‘timeline’ tab that gathers news story form a variety of local online sources. Each story is pinned to its corresponding location on a map from the featured city.

“I would hear stories from different parts of the city, but I would never hear about where it happened,” says co-founder Mohamed Farah. “As a solution, we decided to make a website that would provide people with a method of bridging the “where” and “what” of news reporting. It’s a model we can replicate for any other city around the world.”

EaglePulse wants to offer subscribers the ability to toggle radius settings, giving individual users the opportunity to cast a virtual net, allowing them to receive news as close or as far from them as possible, all of which can be pinned to Google Maps.

Head over to the EaglePulse website and give the pinpointed news a look for yourself.

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