The great Montreal vs New York debate rages on during National Bagel Day

Jan 16 2020, 5:14 pm

It really doesn’t need to come to this, but some people feel a debate is necessary in terms of whether Montreal or New York makes the better bagel.

Before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight — don’t mess with Montrealers and our bagels.

In honour of National Bagel Day yesterday, a debate broke out in the Twitterverse over where foodies can get the best bagel.

While the popular Montreal versus New York City debate raged on, New Jerseyans chimed in and tried to take claim as the best bagel city.

Stay out of this New Jersey, grown-ups are talking.

From variety, ingredients, texture, size, taste, and toppings, Montreal and New York have vast differences when it comes to the bread product. Montreal favours the sweet and doughy variety while New York bagels are softer and chewier.


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But come on, are they hand-rolled and traditionally oven-baked? Plus, New York tends to cut them before serving, that’s sacrilege.

Here’s how Montreal bagel enthusiasts stood up for the city’s trademark eats.

Now that the little debacle is settled, who’s hungry?

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