All the times Montreal has been mentioned in popular movies (VIDEO)

Jan 27 2022, 9:02 pm

Are you ever watching a movie, and your heart jumps whenever Montreal is mentioned?

We always feel like that Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme whenever we hear our city mentioned in a big-budget Hollywood flick.

Daily Hive Montreal/Imgflip, a website created for “cinema archaeologists” by developer Evgeny Potapenko gathers specific phrases in movies and turns them into a quick-cut montage.

Potapenko says his website allows movie fans to “travel and explore the world of cinema,” calling his database the largest collection of video movie quotes on the web.

Naturally, we searched for mentions of Montreal and put together a collection of clips from movies likeĀ Blades of Glory, 42, The Big Sick, The Terminal,Ā and many more where our city is name-dropped.

The video is over three minutes long and features over 50 different mentions of Montreal in various Hollywood productions.

We’d also recommend spending some time on to check out other terms that frequently pop up in movies.

Admittedly, searching “get out of here” and “that’s what I’m talking about” is a lot of fun.

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